WATCH: Private Heli Pilot Performs INSANE Rescue Even the Professional Teams Couldn’t Do

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.48.55 AMThis is incredible. It is being speculated that the original rescue pilots had some restrictions, keeping them from carrying out the rescue. But, most importantly, the woman was rescued at the end of the day.

This is the incredible moment a private helicopter pilot performs a jaw-dropping rescue of a stranded tourist – after the professional team could not complete the mission.

In an ‘extreme and intense’ manoeuvre heroic pilot Constantin Apăvăloaei saves a severely injured 44-year-old woman stuck 2000 metres up on the Carpathian Mountains.

Another walker on the Piatra Craiului range was able to capture the impressive sight on camera.

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It shows Mr Apăvăloaei, from the private company Corbex Helicopters in Brasov, expertly steering the aircraft into position.

With astonishing skill he reverses the helicopter backwards towards the hiker, from Bucharest, with its tail facing the mountainside.

Staying completely stable despite the strong updraft he slowly moves into position, allowing rescuers to drop down to the stranded tourist, who had fallen 30m down a crevasse.

Smoothly they pick her up in under a minute, before the pilot flies her off to safety.

It transpires, according to Romanian news site Digi 24, that a SMURD rescue team had arrived much earlier but could not finish the mission.

The SMURD pilot reportedly flew around for more than an hour before deciding he could not lead the mission to an end.


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