Watch: Revolver or Semi-Auto for a Conceal Carry Weapon?

Clay Martin published a video recently that discussed actually carrying the weapon you plan to carry.

Which brings up the ultimate question, what is the weapon of choice for concealed carry?

In the video, Martin breaks down some points on several different types of handguns that could do the job.

Of course, the views stated are his opinion… it’s not gospel.

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Choosing the gun you decide to carry is a very personal decision.

That being stated, this video may help you choose the weapon you’re betting your life on.

Check it out!

More often than not in this country, a scenario you are likely to use lethal force in starts with an assault, at contact range. In his years of conducting undercover and teaching it, one rule was true 100 percent of the time.

An auto is always fouled as soon as it comes out, either with hands or trapped in clothing.

Therefore, in real-world situations, an auto has a capacity of one, while a revolver has the capacity of at least five (or eight if it’s the new hotness from Smith & Wesson). Between us girls, this is something I didn’t really know either.

It certainly has made me reconsider going to a J-Frame. I say that as someone who has experience dishing out violence. It was my full-time job for a decade and a half.

If you are new to concealed carry this should absolutely be a time to pause and reflect. We all want to Jack Bauer our way out of a 7/11 full of tangos armed with S-Vests and Scorpion subguns, but it’s not the most likely scenario we are going to face.

Five rounds of .38 Special or .357 Magnum is probably plenty for most anything you’re going to encounter on the street.

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