WATCH: Sarah Palin Says She’s Never Been Sexually Harassed Because Everyone Knows She Has a…

After the slew of sexual harassment allegations pointed at Harvey Weinstein and now Democratic Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), many journalists and reporters are focusing on this issue.

So when Republican Sarah Palin was visiting Capitol Hill on Thursday she was naturally asked this question: “Have you ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace as an ambitious woman in public life?”

Palin then packed in a punch:

“You know, I think a whole lot people know that I’m probably packing — so, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me.

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And I don’t mean to be lighthearted about it, because it’s a serious issue. It really stinks for women in the workplace that, for too long, men have thought that they can get away with kind of being that old-school, thinking that it’s OK to belittle and harass women, in general.

So though floodgates are really open right now that could lead to a lot of false accusations that really harm an innocent person.”

The ‘Pitbull Soccer Mom’ brings up an interesting point, well maybe two.

  1. A woman who is known to carry or has means to defend herself is not to be messed with.
  2. Some women will take advantage of the media’s attention on sexual harassment cases and use it to their advantage.

To the first group of women, good on you!

To the second group of women, shame on you. This type of woman could potentially inhibit actual victims from finding justice; not only that, but falsely accusing someone of this crime can permanently scar their lives.

Ladies, we must take it on ourselves to always 1) be armed and ready to fight for our honor, 2) be truthful about sexual harassment accusations. If we do, less men will try to attempt an attack and law enforcement will be less skeptical when a woman makes the accusation.

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