WATCH: Scenes from ISIS Nightclub Attack on NYE Revealed — Will Have You HORRIFIED

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-9-06-14-amThese are horrifying scenes. How can someone wish this on anyone? Especially people they don’t know. Just sick.

Turkish police have released two new pictures of the suspected Istanbul nightclub killer as they closed in on two locations in the hunt for the ISIS fanatic.

The images, which appear to be taken from CCTV footage, show Turkey’s most wanted man wearing a black and blue bomber jacket and leaning on a counter.

They were released by investigators as shocking images emerged purportedly showing the bloody aftermath of the New Year’s Eve massacre.

This afternoon, the towns of Yalova and Bursa were both understood to be targeted by police after members of the public claimed to have spotted the nightclub killer.

The first sighting took place in the port town of Yalova, where the suspect was allegedly seen disembarking from a passenger ferry after crossing about 40 miles across the Sea of Marmara.

He then was reportedly seen hitchhiking to Bursa, a distance of 45 miles.

Police are understood to now know the suspect’s identity, nationality and associates but have not yet released this information to protect their investigation, Turkish media has claimed.

It comes after anti-terror officers arrested eight people in connection with the attack.

Investigators continue to question the eight people – most of whom were from Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan – trying desperately to establish some connection between them and the atrocity.

Police have also released the taxi driver who drove the terrorist to the Reina nightclub after several hours of questioning, leaving them with very few leads.

According to investigators, the suspect is thought to originate from Kyrgyzstan.

A spokeswoman from the country’s foreign ministry, Aiymkan Kulukeyeva, told Turkish media that her officials are ‘checking’ the information and assisting police with their attempts to identify the suspect.

This comes as shocking pictures have emerged purportedly showing the bloody aftermath of the Istanbul nightclub massacre.

The bodies of revellers slaughtered by an ISIS gunman can be seen piled up on the floor of the exclusive venue as police examine the scene.

Harrowing images reveal the carnage that unfolded inside the club with victims slumped next to their chairs and their unfinished drinks still on the tables beside them.

The gunman fired off four magazines containing a total of 120 bullets around the club, as terrified guests flung themselves into the freezing waters of the Bosphorus in panic.

This morning it emerged that the 39 people killed included the daughter of a prominent Lebanese businessman, the chief of security at the Reina nightclub, and a bus driver who had unwittingly transported a group of partygoers to their deaths.

A female security guard, an Arab-Israeli student and a Lebanese banker were also among those murdered.

Details of the victims were released as an international manhunt continued for the attacker who arrived in a taxi before unleashing a hail of 120 bullets during a five-and-a-half minute rampage at the exclusive night spot.

This morning, ISIS claimed responsibility for the New Year’s Eve atrocity which it said was carried out by a ‘heroic soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous nightclub where Christians were celebrating their pagan feast.’

ISIS branded Turkey a ‘servant of the cross’ as its ranting online message said the atrocity was in ‘revenge for God’s religion and in response to the orders’ of the terror group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The terror group claimed the extremist used both a machinegun and hand grenades during the attack.

Investigators said this morning that they had found the jacket discarded by the attacker as he fled the scene. It had 500 Turkish Lira (about £115) in the pocket, local media have reported.

Police believe that the suspect made his escape in a taxi, according to reports, which he hailed on the street after committing the massacre.


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