WATCH: School Bus Drags Little Girl, After Her Bag Gets Caught in Door

Thankfully she doesn’t have life threatening injuries, but I can’t imagine how terrified she might have been.

Neighborhood residents in Louisville, Kentucky were horrified to witness a girl being dragged by a school bus after getting her backpack caught in the door.

The girl, who is reportedly either 5 or 6 years old, was being dropped off at a bus stop around 4 p.m. on Friday when her backpack got stuck in the door as it closed behind her. The driver failed to notice the bag as the door closed and proceeded to drive away, dragging the girl at least 100 feet.

Video of the incident, caught by a surveillance camera at neighbor Tom Carman’s home, showed a red Chevy Camaro speeding up alongside the bus to alert the driver. The Camaro caught the attention of the bus driver after blaring its horn, and the bus finally stopped.

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