WATCH: Second Video of Thugs Kidnapping White Man Breaks, What They do to Him Will Shock You!

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-33-04-pmOfficers found this victim wandering the streets in a state of trauma. This poor boy, how could someone do this to another human? Thank goodness four people – two adult males and two adult females – have been charged with a hate crime.

Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper, 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 24, have been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery, and hate crime. In addition, Hill was charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle and Hill, Cooper, and Brittany Covington were charged with residential burglary. They are getting what they deserve.

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A day after Chicago police said they were questioning four people about a “sickening” video showing the torture of a mentally disabled teen, a second video has surfaced showing the suspects forcing the young man to drink out of a toilet.

Police have said the 18-year-old victimized in the videos is a northwest suburban resident with special needs who had been reported missing.

In the first 30-minute video, which apparently was posted live on Facebook on Tuesday, the victim is backed into a corner, his mouth duct-taped shut. The victim’s clothes were cut, he was peppered with cigarette ashes, and then his hair cut with a knife until his scalp bled.

Several people can be seen laughing and eating during the attack, in addition to making disparaging remarks about President-elect Donald Trump and using racially charged language. At one point, while the victim is backed into a corner, someone is heard shouting “F*** Donald Trump. F*** white people.”

Thursday morning, Chicago police confirmed they are investigating a second video, which surfaced on Twitter, and appears to show the suspects grabbing the victim’s head, shoving it into a toilet, and forcing him to drink.

WATCH: 4 Thugs In Custody for Kidnapping White Man and Forcing Him to Say, ‘F– DONALD TRUMP, F– WHITE PEOPLE’


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