WATCH: See How This Lady Reacts to Teen Throwing a French-Fry at Her Head

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Her reaction may have been a bit extreme, but that little ‘wido’ needed to be put in his place.

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a self-confessed “wido” got his comeuppance at the hands of a furious middle-aged woman.

Teenager Kieran Taylor thought it would be funny to film himself throwing a chip at the head of a customer in McDonald’s in the early hours of the morning.

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But the tables were dramatically turned when a friend of the woman marched over, grabbed Kieran by the throat and told him: “Look son, don’t be a f****** wido.”

Kieran, 17, apparently on the edge of tears, had to be rescued by a McDonald’sbouncer who chucked him out of the fast food joint in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

The website Urban Dictionary defines the word “wido” as “(Scottish slang) A person that has done something wide, (inapproriate, shocking, uncalled for). You spilt ma bucky ya pure wido!”

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