WATCH: Self Loathing White American-Male, Michael Moore, Just ATTACKED Christians Who Supported Trump

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Michael Moore went on a rant that any white American out there, because we have been the ruling class of centuries, has the responsibility right now to protect and guard any other race on the planet.

White people, no matter how painful, have a responsibility to reject anybody who stands in front of a camera who spews racism. Who spews sexism, misogyny. Who brags about being a sexual predator. I don’t care what your race is, but especially if you’re white. Because that means that you belong to the race that’s been in power forever. This a country that was founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves. So you have a special responsibility as a white person to always object to anybody who uses racism, who spews this hatred.

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…and here he targets Christians who voted for Trump.

And do not call yourself a Christian if you are not willing, literally, to put your body in front of whoever is coming to hurt the other — the people who are not you.

He is referring to the riots and post-election results.

Funny thing is… it’s the liberal left causing the riots and the race hate.



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