Watch: Should All Schools Install These Shelters to Protect Students During a School Shooting?

Schools in Oklahoma is taking proactive measure to protect their students with a new idea for the classroom.

KOCO 5 NEWS reports that Healdton Public School leaders decided to install bullet proof shelters, manufactured by Shelter-In-Place, inside classrooms as a measure to keep their students safe. The Healdton, Oklahoma, community only has a population of 3,000 people, but they aren’t taking any chances.

The schools made the decision to add, “seven bulletproof storm shelters inside the elementary school and two larger ones in the middle school,” as well as getting more for their high school.


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“When tornadoes strike, and Lord help us, when you have an intruder on campus, to know that you have somewhere to go quickly for the safety of your students, it’s very relaxing,” said Superintendent Terry Shaw. “As the kids flow in, the last teacher that comes in comes right in, shuts the door and you lock it down.”

The superintendent went the extra mile and sat inside the shelters while live rounds were being shot at him.

“I volunteered. I did not feel comfortable putting these in my buildings if I wasn’t willing to do it myself. So I offered to go inside,” Shaw continued. “It was very surreal, but I felt very comfortable. Very safe.”

Healdton are the first schools to install such shelters, but the manufacturers are speaking with other school districts in the state.



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