WATCH: Something HISTORIC Happened at Boston Marathon that Will Bring Tears of PATRIOTISM to Your Eyes

Four years ago the Tsarnaev brothers attacked America at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Forever those bombings will be remembered.

Since then, memories of triumph have crossed that line. Many people whom were injured by the Tsarnaev’s terror attack returned to the race.

It’s as if the Boston Marathon now holds a more symbolic meaning when completing it. One of American patriotism and victory.

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Certainly not lacking in this narrative is retired Texas Marine Staff Sergeant Jose Sanchez’s story.

After being severely injured during a deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, where he lost his leg, Sanchez wanted nothing to do with people and became completely introverted.

His friends sent him a present he refused to open.

Five years later Jose was at a point where he could open that box. What was inside it overwhelmed him.

It was an American flag signed by dozens of his friends with words of encouragement and stories of hardship.

screen-shot-2017-04-18-at-10-37-19-amThis gift shook Sanchez to the core and changed him.

On Sunday Jose Sanchez, with his carbon fiber prosthetic, completed the entire 26-mile race flag in hand.

“Instead of putting it away, I wanted to fly this flag again in their honor,” Sanchez told local Boston station WBZ-TV after the race.

“It’s for others to be inspired, to be motivated. I don’t do it for myself,” he said. “We live for others — I’ve learned that throughout being angry, and frustrated, and with all that PTSD. I’m channeling it to be positive and to give back to whatever I have taken away from the community.”

Below is a video of the crossing. It will bring tears of patriotism to your eyes.


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