Watch: Strong Female Movie is Pro-Guns and Hunting

Strong women are taking leading roles more and more in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see this movie have a cast of mostly women.

However, Cold November is a movie that disrupts many liberals’ “philosophy,” by opening an honest conversation about hunting and family values.

…and yes, there are guns in the movie too.

While most conservative leaning movies have a huge problem keeping an audience’s attention throughout the film, this one does not.

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Don’t take our word for it though, watch the trailer below.

Here is what the video description on YouTube says:

Deep in the wilderness of rural middle America, 12-year-old Florence is eager to undergo the rite-of-passage of her first deer hunt. A tradition passed down through many generations of women in her family, the act of killing a deer symbolizes the transition into adulthood.

As Florence is taught how to shoot a gun and skin a deer, she gains a deeper understanding of life and death. When Florence finds herself alone during a hunt, however, expectations dissolve into chaos as she must rely on her instinct and training to follow through with her decisions, pull herself together, and face becoming an adult.

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