Watch: Student Gives Full Details of School Resource Officer Who Failed to Engage Nikolas Cruz During Attack

7 News reporter Brian Entin at WSVN interviewed a Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student who witnessed Broward county school resource officer Scot Peterson cower when Nikolas Cruz attacked the campus.

Senior Brandon Huff said, “He’s the only one with a gun. He’s wearing a bulletproof vest. He has all that, while coaches were running in shielding kids from bullets and losing their lives. While he did nothing.”

The senior’s girlfriend was stuck inside the building Cruz attacked and she text him saying, “There is a shooter in the room, I love you.”

When he received the message he ran towards the gun fire. It was in this moment he encountered the officer and witnessed his actions.

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During the interview Huff was asked by Entin if he could say something to Peterson, what would he say?

The senior had a harsh response saying to Peterson, “You’re despicable. You know, you didn’t do your job. You were trained for this, you were armed, you had a bullet-proof vest, you were protected more than anybody else who died; who lost their lives and you did nothing.”

“You froze, you got scared, you know you did nothing at all and you could have saved a lot of lives,” Huff continued.

WATCH below:


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