WATCH: Teacher Pushes Anti-Gun Agenda, One Parent Raises Hell

One seventh-grade teacher, Corey Sanders, assigned his classroom an assignment to “pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States,” by writing letters to Congress.

William Lee, who is the father of the student and police officer, said during a FOX & Friends interview on Friday he would have had no idea about his son’s assignment if he didn’t ask what he had to do for homework.


“My biggest concern was, what was the intent of the assignment? I found out that it didn’t have anything to do with what [the students] were supposed to be learning in that social studies class,” he said.

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“It only gave [students] one perspective from which to write. That in itself, I didn’t think was appropriate,” Lee said.

After the issue was raised, it was discovered that the assignment had not been approved by the school district.

The Henry County School District released a statement to Fox News: “The lesson topic was not a part of an approved curriculum. … We would never approve of a politically biased assignment or directive given by a teacher. … We do not condone the actions that transpired. It has been handled appropriately with the teacher to ensure they know this is not acceptable and won’t happen again.”

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