WATCH: Texas Governor Plans to Arrest Law Enforcement if They Don’t Enforce Immigration Policies — Is This Epic?

It’s no secret that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not a fan of Sanctuary Cities. But did you know all that he’s done to get rid of them? It’s awesome! Check it out!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is proposing “real penalties” – including possibly arrest – for officials who continue to adopt sanctuary city policies.

Under a bill that has passed the Texas Senate, Abbott said that in addition to defunding cities that adopt “sanctuary” policies for illegal immigrants, public officials could be prosecuted. “If you have a public official, including a sheriff, who continues to adopt sanctuary city policies after this ban goes into place, they could be criminally prosecuted and themselves wind up in jail. The place they are releasing dangerous criminals from.”

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He specifically called out Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who has vowed to continue sanctuary policies and reduce cooperation with federal authorities on possible deportations of criminal aliens. Abbott said Hernandez has released 50 criminal aliens from her jails this month, including one who was accused of sexually assaulting a child.

“This is dangerous and I will not allow it,” said Abbott, calling on Congress to pass the necessary funding for the immigration enforcement crackdown proposed by President Donald Trump.


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