WATCH: The Hero Cop Who Shot Down One of the Terrorists

This cop saved many lives that day. Lucky for the people, he was close by to respond… just imagine if he wasn’t. Check this out.

The hero police officer who gunned down one of the airport suicide bombers, saving dozens of people, is recovering in hospital after having his spleen removed.

The officer – named as Yasin Durna by local media – was seen risking his own life by confronting the terrorist as he chased innocent passengers through the terminal on Tuesday evening.

But Durna shot the suicide bomber, who fell to the floor, allowing people at Ataturk Airport to get away.

The officer then approaches the terrorist, appearing to inspect him before deciding to run.

The suicide bomber detonates the explosives seconds later. Darnau is by now out of shot, but appears to have been injured.

According to, the hero officer is recovering in hospital after having his spleen removed. He is said to be in a stable condition.

At least 36 people, and possibly up to 50, people were killed in the co-ordinated attack on the airport.


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