WATCH: The Moment Europe’s First Female Suicide Bomber Blew Herself Up

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.33.54 AMIf only all terrorist’s suicide bombs detonated early or by accident. The world would be a better place.

Dramatic footage shows the Paris female suicide bomber blowing herself up as it is revealed that she once tried to join the French police force.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen’s head and spine flew out of the window when she detonated an explosive vest during a special forces raid on a terrorist hideout on Wednesday.

MailOnline can now reveal that Europe’s first female suicide bomber applied to join the Gendarmerie military police four years ago but failed the entrance exams.

Ait Boulahcen was working in call centres and doing menial jobs in Paris when she decided to join the police, said Yousef Abou, 35, who lives in the same apartment block has her father in Creutzwald, Moselle.

He told MailOnline: ‘She wanted to join the Gendarmerie for the opportunity to work, to have a well paid job. She wanted, after her difficult upbringing, a new life for herself.’

‘She took the test but she didn’t pass. It wasn’t the physical side but the aptitude test, the written part.

‘She must have been disappointed but she wasn’t the type to show it. You couldn’t tell if she was sad or not.’

He believed Hasna was radicalised around two years ago when she began wearing traditional Islamic clothing.

He said: ‘She seemed very nervous and didn’t talk much and she stopped calling her old friends when she visited her father and just came in and out without anyone knowing.’

Ait Boulahcen’s friends and neighbours revealed yesterday that she was an outgoing party girl who drank alcohol and smoke cigarettes but was ‘a bit clueless’.

Her brother said she had no interest in religion, spent most of her time on Facebook and never even opened the Koran.

She and her cousin Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the Paris attacks, were killed when hundreds of policemen and soldier raided their safehouse in the Saint Denis suburb of Paris.

Shocking footage obtained by ABC news showed the blast after she detonated her suicide vest.

Anti-terror police could be seen creeping around the side of the building as red lights from police guns trained on a window of the apartment block.

Throughout the short clip the sound of gunfire can be heard, and there is some muffled shouting before a massive explosion blows out the top-floor window.

That is the moment Ait Boulahcen, 26, the cousin of Paris massacre ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is believed to have detonated her suicide bomb.

The video emerged just hours after audio footage from the scene captured her exchange with French police.

In it, an officer shouts to her: ‘Where is your boyfriend?’, seemingly directed at reports which initially surfaced that Ait Boulahcen may have been Abaaoud’s jihadi bride.

She screams back: ‘He’s not my boyfriend!’

The officer yells again: ‘Where is he?’ to which Ait Boulahcen replies with the same answer: ‘He’s not my boyfriend!’

Seconds later an explosion is heard as she detonates her suicide vest during the siege.

The audio emerged as family and acquaintances gave extraordinary accounts of a young woman who was known for her love of alcohol and cigarettes rather than devotion to Islam.

Her brother Youssouf Ait Boulahcen said that she had had no interest in religion, never read the Koran and had only started wearing a Muslim veil a month ago.

A photograph has also emerged of Ait Boulahcen posing for a selfie in the bath. Her face is covered in heavy make-up and she wears nothing but jewellery.

Ait Boulahcen was killed along with her cousin Abaaoud during a ferocious six-hour firefight with police.

She detonated a suicide vest after screaming ‘help me, help me!’ at officers, while 27-year-old Abaaoud was first hit in the head by a police sniper and then blown to pieces by numerous grenades.

Abaaoud, who is suspected of masterminding the Paris terror attacks which killed 130 people, was a committed jihadist who had been in Syria and was well-known to the European authorities.

However, his cousin appears to have only become radicalised in the last month after abandoning her former lifestyle to join ISIS.

In a statement, her brother Youssouf, said that he had never even see her open the Koran.

‘She was living in her own world. She was not interested in studying her religion’, he said. ‘She was permanently on her phone, looking at Facebook or WhatsApp.

‘I told her to stop all of this but she would not listen, she ignored my numerous attempts to give her advice telling me I was not her dad, or her husband, and so I should leave her alone.’

Ait Boulahcen’s family arrived in France in 1973 and settled in Paris, where she was born in 1989 in Clichy-la-Garenne, a suburb close to Wednesday’s gun siege.

Her parents had separated when she was young and she had been brought up by foster families. Her mother, whose first name is not known, lives in a tower block in Aulnay Sous Bois, a suburb 20 minutes outside of Paris.

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