Watch: The Real Reason Kaepernick Isn’t Getting Signed

If you want to know the real reason Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been signed yet, look no further. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy explained to reporters that the former San Francisco 49er isn’t good enough as a player to outweigh all the added baggage he comes with.

McCoy did address it’s Kaepernick’s First Amendment right to sit or take a knee during the anthem, but also mentioned there would be better platforms for him addressing his beliefs. “In this country, you can believe what you want — freedom of speech,” he said. “I think maybe they can choose a better platform to state their beliefs.”


“It’s a lot more than just he’s not on the team because he doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem,” said McCoy. “That may have something to do with it, but I think also it has a lot to do with his play. I’m sure a lot of teams wouldn’t want him as their starting quarterback. That chaos that comes along with it, it’s a lot.”

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“As a team, trying to win and not have a distraction on the team, I just take that as a player — there’s certain players that could be on the team with big distractions, and there’s other players that it’s not good enough or not worth it. I think his situation is not good enough to have him on the team with all the attention that comes along with it. I’m sure if a guy like [Tom] Brady or a guy like whoever is your favorite player — Odell Beckham or a guy like that — you’ll deal with that attention and play him,” said the Buffalo Bill.

A reporter thought they were being smart and asked McCoy about former NFL quarterback Michael Vick — he made his way back on the field post-jail time for dogfighting.

His reply was quite obvious and hilariously true.

“[Vick’s]10 times better than Kaepernick,” he said. “You’ll deal with that situation, that attention, that media aspect of it. The good, the bad attention you’ll get. Compared to Kaepernick, it’s like, he’s not really that good [enough] of a player to deal with.”

McCoy even denied the racist conspiracy theories of Kaepernick, suggesting people “outside of sports don’t really know” or see the full picture.

“They see only one side of black guy standing up for a good reason [and] the NFL is against him, but I think it’s more than that. I think it has to do with some of that. But also, dealing with him with him on the team you’re trying to build together. There’s so many outsiders [that] can mess up a team,” he said. “I can see both sides, I really can.”

“You just got to look at all sides,” McCoy continued. “Like, if I’m an owner or the GM of a team, do I want to put him on my team? Is he good enough to be on the squad, to even deal with everything that’s going on? That’s something that I don’t really partake in.”


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