WATCH: Ticked Off Mexican Has Some Choice Words for Donald Trump

As politicians are continuing to distance themselves from Trump, this one Mexican had a mouth full to say to Donald. Check it.

“Donald Trump? That son of a gun who says we’re all thieves?” the man says.

“Look, bastard, how we…work ourselves to death just to eat. I make $1,100 a week and the government takes $350 to feed your lazy, unemployed drug addicts.”

“Look at these guys, busting their butts in the sun,” the worker continues, pointing toward other workers pouring concrete. “It’s 107 degrees Fahrenheit, it was 115 degrees earlier. Look at these guys, flooring a mile a minute. What rapists and criminals?”

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(Raising a sledgehammer and another hammer)

“This is my drug, you bastard! This one’s my drug and this one’s my booze, fool!” he says.


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