WATCH: Trump Humiliates BBC Reporter After Her ‘Hard Hitting’ Question and it’s EPIC!

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-9-25-42-amTrump just trolled Theresa May hard! And it’s hilarious. Do you agree? It’s a nice break from Obama who tried to cozy up with everyone.

President Donald Trump joked ‘there goes that relationship’ to Theresa May after he was quizzed on his support for torture and calls to ban Muslims by the BBC‘s political editor.

Challenged about his controversial views on torture, Russia, stopping Muslims entering the US and punishment for torture by Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Trump joked to Mrs May: ‘This was your choice of a question? There goes that relationship!’

As Mr Trump looked round the press pack at the White House aghast at the question, Mrs May laughed awkwardly in response.

Mrs May, who became the first world leader to visit the new commander-in-chief, said: ‘I have been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me. That’s the point of having a conversation and a dialogue.’

She added: ‘There will be times when we disagree and issues on which we disagree. The point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that open and frank discussion so we are able to make that clear when it happens.

‘But I am clear also that there are many issues on which the UK and the US stand alongside one another, many issues on which we agree.’

She said an ‘even stronger special relationship’ would be in the interests of the wider world.

Responding to the question on torture, Mr Trump insisted he would allow decisions to be made by his defence secretary James Mattis – who has different views on the issue.


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