Watch: Trump Utters 4 Words in Texas, Then Waves State Flag — Crowd’s Reaction is Stunning

Earlier this week a liberal Florida professor claimed that Texas deserved to be hit by Hurricane Harvey, due to their overwhelming support for President Donald Trump.

It’s a douchebag thing to say, but it also shows you it is no secret Texas loves our president.

So when POTUS & FLOTUS flew out to Texas’ storm-ravaged Corpus Christi, he was met with a massive crowd.

His agenda was to meet with all the first responders dealing with the aftermath of the storm, while on the way to Annaville Fire Department hundreds of Texans had lined the roads to welcome our Commander-In-Chief.

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According to Breitbart News, chants of “USA!,” “Texas for Trump,” “Texas Strong,” and “We Love Trump!” could all be heard as Trump arrived.

The photo of the crowd showed it was no small gather either.

Taking a moment to address the people gathered, President Trump climbed a ladder and waved the Texas state flag. Then he said four words that made the crowd cheer with patriotic enthusiasm.

“Texas can handle anything!” the president declared.

The Conservative Tribune stated, ‘Trump has made a strong effort to stay in the loop about the hurricane preparations and response efforts. On Twitter, he posted numerous updates as he and the first lady monitored the storm from Camp David, and made it clear that he intended to visit the affected areas as soon as possible.’

‘The president was reportedly also in close contact with Texas officials, including Governor Abbott, former Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz.’

“[The president] told me directly whatever Texas needs, you got it,” Cruz stated to CNBC’s Contessa Brewer, who is on location in Houston.

Trump has handled this disaster with true leadership and class. Rather than tweeting out ‘thoughts and prayers’ about the Hurricane issue, he put his own two feet on the ground… and clearly the Texans whom have been hit hard by Harvey appreciated his appearance.


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