Watch: Two Chicks are Boarding a Sailboat to Fight Poaching, Totally Bad*ss

Two totally bad*ss babes have decided they’re going to board a sailboat and expose the extreme problems poaching has on the world. Their journey will take them from the states to multiple countries and you can follow them throughout the time.

Here is their mission:

SISU Expeditions is a journey aspiring to create new dialogues. Subjects deemed inconvenient have become taboo and blissful ignorance has become commonplace. Through the expedition, Jeanne and Jade are preparing to create short films and documentaries that will bring to light conservation subjects that are being muted and suppressed.

This will include the dire issues of wildlife poaching. With a new way of thinking and positive actions; nature and society can be reconciled. Proverbs 31:8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

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They will sail using wind, solar, and hydro power on a course to uncover the calamitous effects poaching has on local communities, environs, fauna, and the ecosystem.

Jeanne and Jade will continue working this year to earn the budget needed for the travels, environmental research, and film project. This mission is the result of a long time conviction and merits the proper time to plan before executing in January of 2019.

The search through thousands of listings for a vessel has been continual and a vessel that checks every essential box of their unique and powerful project has been found! The synchronicity of finding an opportunity for such a vessel is incredible.

For this reason, they have started a crowdfunding as the vessel’s price has been dropped drastically and will be sold quite rapidly. Due to the immediacy of the sale, they urgently need your help spreading the word. We are calling on your generosity and action; donations big or small will contribute to the success of this mission.

The budget needed for the vessel is $19,000. Once the vessel is acquired, you can follow their progress in preparing this journey on their YouTube channel for SISU Expeditions.


Once the vessel is launched you will be able to become a part of these travels and experiences and are welcome to join them onboard to be an eyewitness of the impact of this expedition.

They are looking forward to sharing this journey, sparking new ideas and conversations, and using your generosity and ideas to pay it forward, continuing the butterfly effect.

Thank you for your support and faith in our cause!

The budget is small for the global effect this project will bring.

If you’re not sold on these chicks’ ability… check out their bios. They haven’t wasted the time they have had here on this earth.


Jeanne, 30, has been a motion designer, photographer and videographer since 2010. Her work can be seen with Arte TV, Canal+, l’Oreal Paris, Total, Audi, Sosh, CBC Kids, Mars, Canadian Olympics, Tetley, Air Liquide… (tv + advertising).

She received her BTS degree in Graphic and Motion Design from the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris after studying Art and Medias for 6 years. After that she lived for two years in Bangalore, India. She did volunteer work in a school there, teaching art and crafts in the slum of Cox town.

She is currently based in Vancouver working as a motion designer. In her free time, she explorers the world, sharing the magic through her photographs.

”You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” -Henri Cartier Bresson

Jade, 26, always lived on or near the water and has been a merchant mariner since 2012. She received her B.S. in Marine Transportation. Working on cargo ships, motor yachts, and sailing vessels has given her the opportunity to travel and address many of these conservation issues first hand.

Her maritime travels this past year have led her to Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, California, Florida, Martinique, France, Monaco, and the Caribbean. Now she will be navigating through the Gulf of Mexico, across the Atlantic, and around the Mediterranean.

Her motivation for joining this expedition comes from a shared vision with Jeanne to create an environment that inspires responsible travel. As Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what they love.” As an explorer at heart with a passion for conservation, she believes effective communication is the key for a new course of action of positive change.

Jeanne and Jade are united by their deep connection to nature and want to inspire people to lead a conscious, honest, tolerant, and ethical lives.



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