WATCH: United Airlines Strike Again, This Time 71yr-Old Granddad Knocked Unconscious!

According to reports United Airlines employee Alejandro Anastasia shoved a 71yr-old man to the ground.


It’s not clear.

The grandfather and frequent flyer Ronald Tigner went up to Alejandro the temperamental jackass to ask a question about his boarding pass.

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That is when the customer service representative shoved Ronald to the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Not one United employee came to the victim’s aide.

One nurse catching a flight stopped to help him and only then did an employee call 911.

Now Ronald is suing the airline company and the employee for negligence.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $1million in damages.

According to the lawsuit, Tigner approached Anastasia at Bush Intercontinental Airport in 2015, asking for a new boarding pass because his was garbled.

William Hoke, Tigner’s attorney, said that Anastasia responded by laughing and cursing at him.
‘Anastasia was looking at Mr. Tigner and started smiling and said, “Can’t you see we’re busy?” and there’s no one in the vicinity of these two employees,’ Hoke told KPRC. ‘And he tells Anastasia to wipe that smile off his face. That’s when Anastasia says, “I’ll kick your (expletives)” and shoves Tigner to the ground.’

The video then shows Anastasia walking away, while not a single United employee tries to help the elderly man.

Lucky for Tigner that female nurse was around to care.

Had she not taken action, who knows what kind of permanent damage would have occurred.

United Airlines needs to start working on their customer service.

Wouldn’t you say?

Here is the full video:


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