WATCH: US Navy Tests Hypersonic Electromagnetic RAILGUN — This Bad Boy Is INTENSE!

The US Navy just unveiled their latest weapon. And it should leave North Korea shaking in their boots!

Because, unlike them, this weapons test was a success.

The US Navy recently released footage of its first testfire of an electromagnetic railgun. It is being held at their new terminal at Office of Naval Research and Naval Surface Warfare Center.

According to a Congressional Research Service report, this bad boy use 20 to 32 mega joules of electromagnetic energy to fire projectiles anywhere from seven to nine times the speed of sound.

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Best part? Because they fire on electricity alone, instead of chemical explosions, operation is much cheaper and the firing rate is a heck of a lot faster!

The Navy has long sought the technology as a potential game-changer for surface warfare, as China, Russia, and the US all race towards building hypersonic weapons that no ship can currently defend against. The newest classes of Navy ships, like the Zumwalt and Ford carriers, have been planned with outsized power generators in anticipation of the revolutionary weapon.

Despite looking like a typical cannon blast, the railgun only emits fire and sparks from metal components that become molten during the firing process that forces the components to fire at mind boggling speeds.

Business Insider

The railgun has been undergoing testing since 2005.

As of now, there are no plans to use it as standard Navy equipment.

Hopefully, that’ll change soon.


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