WATCH: US Open Champion Sloane Stephens When Asked if She has New ‘Hunger’ to Win More Games Gives Hilarious Answer — Endorses Capitalism

The U.S. Open winner Sloane Stephens was in a Q & A session with the press after her massive win, and her answer to two specific questions has caught the attention of the world.

With a backhanded pitch for capitalism, the 24yr-old tennis pro was asked during the session if her win gave her a “hunger” to win more slams. Her reply: “Of course, girl! Did you see the check they handed me? Man, if that doesn’t make you want to play tennis, I don’t know what will,” she responded.

The check amounted to $3.7 million. So you can understand where Stephens is coming from.


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Then another reporter, who looks like she never played a sport in her lifetime, asked if she “felt bad” for beating her opponent (yes, that was an actual question), Stephens reply was brilliant!

“Feel bad for her? She was in the finals, too. What do you mean? Did you see the check she’s about to get?” she asked. “I’m sure she’ll be just fine.”

Clearly capitalism is an incentive booster. If Stephens had to share her winnings with her beaten opponent and the other finalists, like socialism or communism promotes, do you think she would be as enthusiastic to continue winning?

We would guess not.

She was listed as number 935 in the world pre-Open and is now number 17 thanks to her win. Stephens worked hard to get where she was, and it rightly so paid off.


h/t Daily Wire


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