WATCH: When Wild Animals See Their Reflection for the First Time, the Result is Hilarious

It’s fascinating to see the reactions from the different species! Check it out.

You can never tell exactly how an animal is going to react, especially wild ones. There’s been a few times where some crazy critters were incorporated into a good Jackass prank that made the joke even better because of their unpredictable reaction.

Photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre seems to appreciate these reactions and took a visit to Gabon, a country in Africa near the Congo. Xavier, his wife and crew set up mirrors and cameras in several locations to see how animals would react to the sight of their reflection.

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Some of the reactions are nothing short of hilarious. What would you expect? These animals have probably never seen their own reflection before and because of that, their reactions ranged from comically happy to frighteningly dissatisfied.

Just check out the leopard in the video, this guy won’t stop growling at the mirror even after touching it. In a different set up, with two leopards, one makes sure to keep his distance by simply laying down and watching the mirror.

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