WATCH: You Will NEVER Believe What Came Out of this Tiny Shell

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.58.18 AMMost of us would react the same way this guy did when they discovered what was inside!

Many animals find ingenious ways of protecting themselves against attack from a predator.

Some fight back with a series of deadly defensive mechanisms and some choose to find a quiet, inconspicuous spot and just relax.

A octopus on Prek Treng Beach in Sihaknukvill, Cambodia showed that it was very much the latter when it was discovered in a cockle shell.

Capturing the mollusc on camera, a man can be seen on the beach playing with a partially-closed cockle shell.

Pushing it around the beach, the man appears to study it before rolling it into some water.

He then proceeds to prise the two parts open and holds onto the shell with both hands.

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