‘WE CAN GIVE AS GOOD AS WE GET’: Megyn Kelly Defends Rand Paul and Blasts ‘Sexist’ Male Reporters

Kelly Files

Preach! Megyn makes it very clear that she doesn’t need men to watch out for her.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was on fire Wednesday, defending Republican presidential contender Rand Paul against allegations of sexism declaring that female reporters don’t need to be protected by their male counterparts.

“These male commentators can butt out. We can give as good as we get…” she said on “The Kelly File.”

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Kelly was referring to Paul’s string of interviews where he admittedly lost his temper, sometimes with female reporters, which the mainstream media is quick to point out.

“I, as a female reporter, would say to Chuck Todd and The Guardian, we don’t need your help. Savannah Guthrie doesn’t need your help. Kelly Evans doesn’t need your help, and you are entitled to push back on the interviewer just as much as you would if you are a man.”

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