WEB OF LIES: Tarantino NEVER Went to Jail Despite Claiming He Knows ‘First-Hand’ How Police Treat Inmates

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.49.10 AMWhat more can you expect from a man like Quentin?

Quentin Tarantino lied about going to jail, a report claims.

The controversial director has long-maintained he was incarcerated ‘once’ or ‘multiple times’ for traffic violations in Los Angeles while struggling to make ends meet as a video shop employee.

It is an anecdote he uses regularly to prove his authoritative understanding of police brutality after he was criticized for calling cops ‘murderers’ at an anti police violence rally in New York this year.

But according to a New York Post investigation, there are no records that back up his claim that he spent eight days being treating ‘like an animal’ because he couldn’t afford to pay a fine.

In fact, his only conviction was in 2000 when he paid $871 to avoid eight days in jail for driving without a license and failing to appear in court, the newspaper reports.

Tarantino has yet to respond to Daily Mail Online’s request for a comment.

The director has referenced his supposed jail time in multiple interviews over the past three decades.

In 1992, he told Paris Voice: ‘I spent eight days in the county jail on traffic warrants once.

‘At first, I thought, “Wow, I’m going to pick up some great dialogue in here.”

‘But then you realize what a waste of time it is. They treat you like an animal, and nobody wants to be treated like an animal.’

His biographer Jeffrey Sparrow later went on to claim that he did in fact pick up dialogue inside, and used it in True Romance and Reservoir Dogs.

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