Now that he has officially destroyed his career and probably Hillary’s and Huma’s as well, he has decided to get help. Honestly, he should have done this YEARS ago, but maybe we should be thankful he waited? His disgusting nature is what reopened the case into Hillary after all.

Anthony Weiner, the husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin, has checked into a rehab facility for treatment of sex addition.

Out-of-control Weiner, who has been sending sexually-charged messages and obscene pictures to women and at least one teenage girl for years, is now in a treatment facility, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively.

Friday’s dramatic disclosure by the FBI that it had discovered new emails relevant to their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret server was a shock unprecedented in electoral history.

At the center of it, however, is the tragedy of Anthony Weiner’s sex addiction.

The rehab center where Weiner is being treated separates men and women and its program includes counseling for those addicted to  cybersex and exhibitionism as well as addictions to anonymous sex and porn, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Electronic devices are banned at the facility.

Weiner’s world finally came tumbling down on September 21, with the dramatic revelation by DailyMail.com of his months of sexting a 15-year-old high school girl.

He told her he was ‘hard’; that he ‘would bust that tight p****’; sent her unclothed pictures; and told her he had rape fantasies about her. Wiener knew she was 15 – the girl had told him.

At the time of the sexts, Weiner was still married to Abedin – although he complained about their lack of a sex life to the girl – and caring for their son while she campaigned intensively for Clinton.

New York police and the FBI moved in on Weiner quickly after DailyMail.com’s revelations – and it now transpires that when federal authorities investigated, they took the former couple’s shared laptop. It is unclear if they also took mobile devices.

Abedin, 40, was already separated from Weiner, 52, by the time the FBI moved in, as she had announced the end of their marriage in August, when he was hit by another sexting scandal.

Abedin’s loyalty to her husband had finally snapped; but it had lasted a very long time, endured a lot of scandals – and now, in the cold light of the FBI’s latest move, must seem to her one of the worst decisions she could possibly make given his history of sexual aberrations.

In May 2011 a picture of the bulging crotch of a man appeared on his Twitter account; Weiner’s response was to lie that he had been hacked.

A week later, he cried as he apologized for lying, and admitted he had had several inappropriate relationships with women online.

But he would not resign – and his wife was standing by him.

The next week yet more selfies emerged; this time he resigned, apologized to his wife – now revealed to be pregnant –  and claimed he was seeking treatment for his problems.

It is believed he entered a rehab program in Florida at the time.

The following May Weiner was back – in a blaze of headline puns – running to be New York mayor; and Abedin was at his side.

‘Look, I’ve made some big mistakes and I know I’ve let a lot of people down. But I’ve also learned some tough lessons,’ he said in a campaign video.

For a while, it was going well; Weiner was front runner, far ahead of Bill de Blasio, the awkward-mannered ultra-liberal who is now New York mayor.

But in July there came a dramatic development: screen shots of more sexting that Weiner sent under the alias ‘Carlos Danger’.


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