Well, Slap Me Silly: Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban Voted Out

smoking-gunA law that would end Illinois’ status as the last state in the nation without concealed-carry provisions passed the House with enough votes to override a likely veto.

By an 85-30 vote, the Illinois House moved on Friday to approve a law allowing certified residents to carry concealed firearms, which would end Illinois’ status as the only state in the nation to completely prohibit carrying guns in public.

According to Reuters, the “shall-issue” law, supported by Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan, mandates that concealed-carry permits be issued to Firearm Owners Identification Card-holders who have completed 16 hours of training; it maintains the ban on firearms in many places, including government buildings, schools, stadiums and bars.

“Criminals are cowards,” Rep. Mike Bost, a southern Illinois Republican, told the Associated Press before the vote. “If they know there’s an opportunity they’re going to get caught or get shot – because they don’t like a fair fight – they’re not going to commit the crime.”

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The measure is opposed by Chicago-area lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, though the…



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