WE’RE KEEPING OUR TERRORISTS: Liberal Moves to Repeal Law That Would Strip Terrorists of Citizenship

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.07.02 AMWhile most countries would want to disown and discard their terrorists, this one isn’t looking for that. They’re apparently proud to keep them.

For the most part, the changes loosen requirements for obtaining and retaining Canadian citizenship that had been tightened under the previous government.

The amendments include removing a provision in the Act which allows the government to strip dual citizens of their citizenship if they are convicted of certain crimes including terrorism, high treason or spying offences. The government’s ability to revoke citizenship when it was obtained through fraud or concealing important information will remain in the law.

One person has lost their citizenship since the new rules were introduced under the Conservatives, according to officials. That person, Toronto 18 terror plot mastermind Zakaria Amara, was convicted of terrorism and is serving time in a federal prison. He will see his citizenship restored under the new law as soon as it passes in the House.

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“It’s a question of principle,” McCallum said. “We think the criminal justice system and the prisons are enough to deal with criminals.”

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