WHAT KILLED HIM? ‘Frail’ Prince Dead at 57

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The world of music has lost a legend. What do you think caused his death?

Mystery surrounds the death of Prince, who was found dying in an elevator this morning just a week after he was rushed to hospital with severe flu symptoms.

The 57-year-old music icon was found unresponsive in the elevator at his suburban estate in Minnesota at 9.43am EST today and was pronounced dead less than 30 minutes later.

His cause of death is not known, but in a call to paramedics on the way to Prince’s home, a 911 dispatcher said: ‘Male down, not breathing.’ 

Prince’s private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois on Friday so he could be rushed to hospital because of his flu symptoms, but was released three hours later and made an appearance at a party in Minnesota the next day, telling fans to ‘wait a few days before you waste any prayers’.

The legendary singer had a history of epilepsy, which according to the CDC can make sufferers more vulnerable to developing serious complications from flu.

It has also emerged that Prince made several trips to a Walgreen’s pharmacy in the days before his death and is said to have appeared more ‘frail and nervous’ than usual on a visit to the store last night.

He was seen leaving the pharmacy near his compound at around 7pm last night in what was his fourth visit to the store this week and his final outing, TMZ reported.

His visits to the drug store came just days after he was rushed to hospital from his private plane with severe flu symptoms.

He was aboard his private flight when he fell ill on Friday morning, forcing it to make an unscheduled landing in Illinois.

TMZ reported that the seven-time Grammy award winning singer’s plane diverted to Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, to make the emergency landing.

He had had been suffering from flu for a number of weeks and was believed to be recovering, but took a turn for the worse in the early hours of Friday.

Prince was treated for three hours before being released.

Initial reports on his condition painted a much graver pictures, with one source claiming at the time he was ‘not doing well’.

Prince had previously revealed that he was epileptic and had suffered seizures as a child. He was bullied at school over his condition which he said he dealt with by developing is iconic larger-than-life personality.


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