What Really Keeps Us Safe? Lessons to be Learned from Santa Barbara Shooting

islavistatwitter2-600x357This is an un-teachable moment.  A young man stabbed three people and shot three people next to the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday evening.  This should teach us what makes us safe and what doesn’t.  This should teach us, but we don’t want to learn.

In his statements, a pampered and failing son blames everyone for his failures, everyone except himself.  He drives an expensive car and lives a pampered life, none of which he earned.  He writes about hating his parents and wanting to stab his step mother and brother.  After his son’s death, a father of one of the victims blames the NRA and politicians who allowed guns into the world.. while his son was killed in a gun free zone.

Do you notice a pattern here?  The father blames mental illness.  A father blames guns and the NRA.  The son blamed others for his problems.  Unfortunately, you and I are also part of this same pattern.  We refuse to learn from past mistakes and blame others instead.  Rather than place blame, let me describe the next public murder for you.

  • The murderer has a narcissistic personality and demands attention.  He wants his name in the news and will kill to get it there.
  • The attack will be launched against people in a gun free zone.  Narcissists don’t like competition.
  • The murderer will have mental health issues and will probably be on psychotropic drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • The murderer will be enthralled by violent video games and spends a lot of time playing them.
  • There will be warning signs, and they will be ignored.

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