WHAT THE HECK? These Two Radio Hosts Are Gathering Signatures to Present the Nobel Peace Prize to…

tumblr_lnito0hqyb1qkik3go1_500Crazy. Just crazy.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2016 should go to the bicycle – at least that is what two presenters on Italian state radio believe, and they have started a petition to push for it.

The popular Caterpillar programme on Italy’s Rai 2 network is gathering signatures to present to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in February.

The presenters describe the humble two-wheeler as an “instrument of peace”.

They say the bicycle does not cause wars – often fought over oil.

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The bike “is the most democratic means of transport available to humanity”, say Caterpillar’s hosts Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti.

They add that each kilometre pedalled generates a benefit to society of €0.16 (30.12; $0.17), compared with the social costs of using a car.

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