WHAT THE… Obama, Muslim Americans are ‘Sporting Heroes’

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.08.57 AMLet’s take a step back and asses that claim.

U.S. President Barack Obama tonight addressed lectured the American people about the San Bernardino attack, gun control, Islamic State (or rather ‘ISIL’ – still better than Daesh) and Muslim Americans.

After talking about his plus ça change strategy to tackling the Islamic State, he began telling Americans what they “should not do”. Because everyone loves that estranged father who comes back into your life just in time to tell you how to behave.

Curiously, he used this part of his lecture to state:

Muslim-Americans are our friends and our neighbors, our co- workers, our sports heroes. And, yes, they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country. We have to remember that.

Yes, lots of Muslim-Americans are our friends and our neighbours. Lots of them own restaurants we go to. Lots of them own the corner shops we buy our cigarettes from. And some of them are indeed men and women in uniform, though I might have left that out if I were Mr. Obama, given that just moments ago in his speech, he used the famous workplace violence terrorist example of Fort Hood to talk about terrorism in the United States.

But he mentioned SPORTS HEROES. Sports heroes?! Colour me dreadfully confused.

I can’t name a single Muslim-American sports hero. And what’s with “Muslim American” anyway? Why isn’t it American Muslim? In England, we don’t say Muslim Briton. We say British Muslim. The point is you put your country first.

Anyway, back to sports heroes.

Okay, there was the embarrassingly-named Muhammed Ali (it’d be like me deciding I’m white and picking the name John Smith) and of course we’ve got convicted rapist and ear-biter Mike Tyson. But who else might Mr. Obama consider to be his “Muslim American” sporting heroes?

1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

It’d be a stretch, because Mr. Abdul Jabbar is 68 years old. So not exactly current. In 1968, Abdul Jabbar – then named Lew Alcindor – boycotted the U.S. national Olympic basketball team. Sounds like a patriotic American eh? Well he’s also spoke in defence of Shariah Law, claiming: “None of the people that have that criticism of Shariah law have checked out the law because it’s not even for non-Muslims. Sharia law is for ruling an Islamic state” and in supporting Shariah, with all its violent and oppressive components. He said: “Shariah law is for Muslims. So if there is a Muslim majority state then it has to be run by sharia law”.

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