What’s Pig-Latin For Ebola? NYC Firefighters Banned From Saying Ebola Over Radio

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.49.09 AMThings are getting so bad with the Ebola outbreak FDNY firefighters are on notice not to say the deadly virus’ name.

New York City firefighters have been banned from using the word ‘Ebola’ on their radios in because it could trigger panic in the city.

A New York Fire Department (FDNY) memo instructs all personnel to use vaguer terms when referring to the deadly virus.

Instead, they should use the code letters ‘F/T’, as in Fever/Travel, over the radio to indicate a 911 caller has a fever and a history of travel to West Africa.

The secret code is intended to hide any potential cases of Ebola from members of the public or media who are monitoring emergency radio channels.

‘Just like you can’t say bomb on an airplane, we can’t say “Ebola”, a source told the New York Post.

‘Back in the ’80s and ’90s, taking universal precautions meant someone has AIDS. And we weren’t allowed to say AIDS either.’

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