When Every Child Is Fed: A Letter to Roy Blunt On Amnesty

Poverty-2When our nation can feed ALL of it’s hungry children, safely shelter ALL of it’s homeless and provide exceptional medical care for ALL; and do so without borrowing against the future of those who were born or came here legally, then and only then will it be time to open our doors and arms to amnesty and immigration reform.
Our nation is struggling with great burdens, unemployment, underemployment and incomprehensible debt.  Why would you entertain, for even a second, the concept of allowing those who are here illegally to further drain depleted resources?  That drain, should you support it with a YES vote, your decision, will be visited upon our children, our children’s children, and generations to come.  I cannot imagine that anyone will look upon these choices, which will cost our nation dearly, will do so with favor.  History will remember those republicans who caved as traitors and cowards.
While there are few among us who do not have the blood of immigrants running through our veins, we and YOU, have a sacred duty to preserve for the children of your constituency, and all children who were born here legally, their birthright.  You cannot give it all away and leave next to nothing for the children of this nation.  There is far too much of that already.  Where is the money to come from to feed, shelter and care for these illegal immigrants if not from the pockets of law abiding, tax paying American citizens – citizens with children whose future will be made even bleaker by politically driven choices which do not even represent what our nation NEEDS.
What are you passionate about Senator Blunt?  I am passionate about my nation, about my children and about THEIR future.  I wake each morning thankful for the blessings of a roof over their head, the clothes on their backs and the food in our cupboard that keeps them well nourished.  I know there are children in this nation, who were BORN in this country, who do not have enough of these things.  And, yet, there are people who think it is okay to take what little they do have and give it to others.  I am not denying the need for charity, for I believe it is our responsibility to share our gifts in whatever form they are given, but to force that charity upon a nation and deplete it’s gifts in the process is reprehensible at best.
Do your job.  Balance our budget, preserve our rights, defend our Constitution and leave a better future for the children of America.  If you do that, in time there will be a better future for everyone.  Our nation will be able to open her arms wide, welcoming immigrants and showering them with benefits and gifts that were not stolen from a child.  But, if Washington is allowed to take, take and take some more, from the pockets of our nation’s parents and borrow against the future earnings of our country’s children, to fund every foolishness and give it all away in benefits to criminals, in time there will be nothing left.  All resources will be spent.  A forest cannot survive if trees are cut but none are planted.
At this time, I exhort you to reject any calls for amnesty and immigration reform.  Vote NO; and get back to the business of stopping the runaway train of debt and political indulgence that is destroying our great nation.  You had my vote last election.  You now have a duty to prove my faith in you, and the faith of so many others like me, was not wasted.
Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Shockley


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