When Guns Are Outlawed…

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.58.09 AMThis is an eye opener. Check it out.

An Irish gangster was murdered in front of hundreds of helpless witnesses yesterday during a WBO boxing weigh-in at a Dublin, Ireland hotel, by a hit squad armed with handguns and AK-47s who had no fear of being confronted by lawful concealed carriers, and little fear of encountering armed police.

This is the last known picture of a gangster executed in front of hundreds of boxing fans – as a shocked witness says the gunmen “made sure” he was killed.

David Byrne, 35, was shot dead during a boxing weigh-in at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on Friday afternoon.

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Dramatic pictures from the scene show two gunmen dressed as police and armed with AK-47s storming the hotel.

The retaliation murder is an escalation of a conflict that started with the murder of a rival gang member hiding in Spain last September. The Irish police (the Garda) are concerned that the brutal public nature of the killing in front of hundreds of witnesses will trigger an all-out gang war.

Irish citizens may not own handgun for self-defense, and there are no concealed carry permits in the country, and less than 2,000 legally registered handguns of any kind.  There are 177,000 sporting shotguns and 54,000 registered hunting rifles in Ireland, and authorities think their are another 150,000 unregistered firearms.

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