‘WHEN I SAY WOMEN, YOU SAY SUCK’: SNL Goes After Trump and His Comments on Women [WATCH]

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Trump fan or not, this SNL skit is absolutely hilarious! How do you think the Donald will reply?

Saturday Night Live spoofed Donald Trump’s comments about women in a skit that showed the show’s version of the Republican presidential front runner making even more absurb comments and mocking his support from female television personalities.

“When I say women, you say suck!” SNL‘s Trump shouts at a spoof-rally.

The sketch also mocked prominent conservative media personality Scottie Nell Hughes, who supports Donald Trump. Portrayed by SNL’s Cecily Strong, Hughes defends a series of Trump comments to CNN’s Kate Bolduan, played by Kate McKinnon. “As a woman, I like Donald Trump, but as a full-blown nutjob, I freakin’ love him,” Strong says as Hughes.

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