When seconds count, the police are on their tea break: Woman Calls Police, Police Won’t Come, She Gets Raped

tea breakLadies, this should be a rude awakening to you.

This is an older 911 phone call that recently resurfaced of a woman who calls her local police department for help.

Her ex-boyfriend was outside her door, threatening her and trying to break in.

When she calls the PD, they are closed.

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Since when does crime take a break?

She is forwarded on to the state police department, and they aren’t very helpful either.

They do not send a dispatcher and the woman is left to fend for herself.

Well guess what? Her ex breaks in and rapes her.

This very situation rings true to the sayings: “I carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy” and “when seconds count the Police are minutes away” or in this case, “when seconds count, the police are on their tea break.”

If she had a gun with her, she wouldn’t have needed the police.

Learn from her mistake ladies, don’t let this be you.

Do not rely on the police to come and save you.


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