Where was Obama the night four Americans were killed in Benghazi?

obamaWhere was Obama the night four Americans were killed in Benghazi? Why, after nearly nine months, do we not have an answer to this question yet?

It seems that any time someone asks this question, the subject gets changed and never goes back to it. So the administration has managed to deflect the question without actually answering it or lying about where he was.

So why won’t they just answer the question? When people don’t answer questions, it allows the rest of us to let our imagination go to the worst case scenario.

That’s human nature. So what are the possibilities of worst case scenarios?

Was he with another woman? In movies, that is typically why a man won’t say where he was.

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But they could never admit it if he was because all the people that think he’s such a wonderful husband would be outraged.

Maybe he was with another man. But they couldn’t say that either, because even though their base of gay supporters might be happy, again the same people who think he’s such a wonderful husband would still be outraged that he was unfaithful, no matter what the gender.

Maybe he was passed out drunk or high.

But they can’t say that because even though the potheads and partiers would think that was awesome, the rest of the country would be outraged that their president was incapacitated while Americans were under attack.

That seems to cover it. But wait, let’s go a little farther. Maybe he was in a secret meeting with the IRS talking about the targeting of conservatives. Maybe he was in a secret meeting with Kathleen Sebelius discussing her fundraising for Obamacare.

Maybe he was in a secret meeting with Eric Holder talking about all the possible upcoming scandals and how to handle them. Maybe he was in a secret meeting with Monsanto about controlling the food supply.

Heck, maybe he was even abducted by aliens. There we go! That’s the one the administration will push (through a planted source), because then they can say that anyone who asks where Obama was that night are as crazy as birthers and shouldn’t be listened to and therefore they don’t even have to dignify the question with an answer.

There will of course, be those who say it’s not our business where the president was that night, doesn’t he deserve some privacy?

I say no, he does not deserve privacy and it is our business because when we are paying for his 24/7 lifestyle, he should be a 24/7 president.

It’s very simple – if you want privacy, don’t run for a public office where the American people are paying for every minute of your day and night!

Everyone has their opinion of what the worst case scenario could be for Obama and his people not answering the question of where he was that night. But here is my own opinion of what the worst case scenario is – he was in the war room, watching every minute of the attack, listening to the calls for help, and not just ignoring the calls but deliberately giving the order to NOT help.

Why? Again, worst case scenario was that it was all political, that it didn’t fit his campaign speech of defeating Al Qaeda. He let Americans die so he could get a second term. For him, the ends justified the means.

That is what I consider the worst case scenario. And until he or his administration tells us any different, that is exactly the scenario I am going to assume is true. I sincerely hope they prove me wrong, that the president of the United States did not sacrifice Americans for political gain. Because I can think of nothing more sinister, more despicable or more cowardly.


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