‘WHINY LITTLE B*TCH’: Michael Moore, Bill Maher Pledge to Take Down Trump, ‘We Will Hope for a Good Prosecutor’ [VIDEO]

Sounds like Michael Moore and Bill Maher are going to be getting physical with Donald Trump. What do you think about their threats?

Friday on HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher and liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore speculated on what it would take to stop presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from defeating the eventual Democratic nominee and winning the White House in the general election this fall.

Transcript as follows:

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MOORE: Give it up for what you said last week. So he says to me, “You’re not going to say anything about me?” And I said, “I’m from Michigan man. I hardly know who you are.” “Oh, OK. OK.”

That image of him still sticks with me. It’s like, why have people been afraid to really take him down. Bill, the question you asked, what are we going to do between now and November? You and I are going to take him down. You and I.


MAHER: I’m down, brother.

MOORE: No seriously, this is the end of Donald Trump. He is not going to the White House. That is not happening. Hillary, if she ends up being the candidate, she can talk policy and all of that. You and I will do the things that –

MAHER: You tell me where to show up. I will be there.

MOORE: I will tell you and I promise you that we will do something that we’ll hope for a good –

MAHER: I’m there, long hair.



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