WHITE DEVIL, WHITE DEVIL: Madonna’s Grammy Performance, Somewhat ‘Hellish’ [VIDEO]

Couldn’t help but notice her matador bulls looked a little like demons.

Madonna’s performance at the Grammy Awards certainly raised the bar. Literally, as she soared above the Staples Center floor during “Living For Love.”

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj introduced the icon, calling her a “badass, trouble-making international star,” a “powerful woman [who] is always on top.”

And, according to Miley in the most complimentary way, “our bitch.”

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Madonna, who released the music video for the “Living For Love,” just days before, channeled her bullfighting, Matador-like persona in her performance.

Wearing a studded black chaquetilla over a skimpy red and black sequin leotard, the 56-year-old icon defied age, as well gravity with her choreography.

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