The White House Says These Terror Attacks Didn’t Get Enough Coverage — Do You Agree?

attacksThese are attacks that the Trump admin think were under reported. And there are some pretty major ones on the list. Do you agree with the list?

The White House has released a list of 78 terror attacks that the press had ‘ignored’ following President Donald Trump’s claims that the media was ‘very, very dishonest’.

The attacks dated from September 2014 to December 2016, all of which the president believed were ‘underreported’ as he put the blame on the media Monday.

Trump’s administration said the attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, Brussels, Nice and the Bataclan in Paris ‘have not received the media attention they deserved’ and released the list on Monday night as proof.

Several members of the press have voiced their confusion over the list, as a handful of instances named were the subject of news coverage that lasted ‘days on end’.


One of the biggest terror attacks over the past two years took place in France, with the Bataclan theatre attack in Paris and the Nice truck massacre, both of which were on the list.

The Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting was widely covered in the news for being a terror attack and a hate crime in June 2016. It left 49 people dead and wounded 53 more.

The mass shooting and attempted bombing in San Bernardino, California was also included on the roster, the December 2015 attack ended with 14 dead and 22 wounded.

The list of 78 occurrences of terror attacks were worldwide and included who was the subject of the attack and named the persons involved.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta said it was a ‘head scratcher” as his news organization was reportedly one of the first to see the list after it was labeled ‘fake news’ by Trump in December.

Here are the top 12 deadliest terror attacks named on the White House’s List:

1. Hasanah, Egypt: October 2015

 224 killed in downing of a Russian airliner

2. Paris, France: November 2015

At least 129 killed and approximately 400 wounded in series of shootings and IED attacks

3. Istanbul, Turkey: June 2016

45 killed and approximately 240 wounded at Ataturk International Airport

4.Orlando, Florida, US: June 2016

49 killed and 53 wounded in shooting at a nightclub

5. Sousse, Tunisia: June 2015

38 killed and 39 wounded in shooting at a beach frequented by westerners

6. Brussels, Belgium: March 2016

At least 31 killed and 270 wounded in coordinated bombings at Zaventem Airport and on a subway train

7. Dhaka, Bangladesh: July 2016

22 killed, including one American and 50 wounded after hours-long siege using machetes and firearms at holy Artisan Bakery

8. Tunis, Tunisia: March  2015

21 tourists killed, including 16 westerners, and 55 wounded in shooting at the Bardo Museum

9. San Berandino, California, US: December 2015

14 killed and 21 wounded in coordinated firearms attack

10. Kabul, Afghanistan: June 2016

14 killed in suicide attack on a bus carrying Canadian Embassy guards

11. Berlin, Germany: December 2016

12 killed and 48 wounded by individual who drove truck into a crowded market

12. Istanbul, Turkey: January 2016

12 German tourists killed and 15 wounded in suicide bombing


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