WHITE LIBERAL JOURNALIST PRIVILEGE: Katie Couric has the MSM in her Pocket and She Knows It

memeKatie Couric has come under fire recently for her deceptive editing of her documentary, ‘Under the Gun’. She added a pause after a question about terrorists buying guns, making it look like the group she was interviewing, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), didn’t have an answer and were even ashamed of themselves. In reality, though, the members answered her right away. This was done supposedly to give the audience time to think about the question but the way it was edited, combined with the agenda Couric was pushing, this just looks like a feeble attempt to save face.

We all have learned to take interviews like this with a grain of salt and we expect a certain amount of editing, but this is something that should not be tolerated. Couric deliberately made these knowledgeable gun owners look like complete idiots. We expect editing and dramatization, not blatant lies.

And what does the main stream media have to say about this? Well, if you go to MSNBC and search Couric’s name, not one thing about this scandal shows up. Heading over to CBS or ABC, again nothing. CNN has one article on the scandal, but it’s about how Couric is standing by the message of the documentary and how the editing doesn’t take away from the message.

So no one is making a fuss. No one in the MSM that is. But think back to last summer. Remember when the Center for Medical Progress started posting videos about how Planned Parenthood was eating lunch while trying to sell baby parts for the best price? The MSM exploded in outrage, screaming the videos were highly edited, despite the unedited versions of the videos were released to the public. Those videos were edited so that the main points could be shown. The editing didn’t take away from the message of the videos. But all the same, the MSM was ready for a fight.

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And guess who was at the forefront of this fight; yes, Katie Couric. She sat down for a fuzzy interview with Cecile Richards last year. During that interview Couric said “The videos inflamed already passionate critics, making it harder than ever for the organization to do its job.” That is, it’s job selling baby parts.

But now that she has edited her video she comes to its defense. The director of the video, Stephanie Soechtig, stated: “I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.” And Couric’s response? “I support Stephanie’s statement and am very proud of the film.”

So, when lying furthers your cause, it’s okay, but when truth threatens to derail your cause, you launch a smear campaign. Our first amendment grants us freedom of speech except in the cases of slander/libel. Couric has not only committed slander last year regarding the CMP’s videos but now she has committed libel against the VCDL by publishing a video that does not truthfully represent them. And instead of calling her out as a liar and non-credible journalist, the MSM is giving her a free pass. Must be nice having the MSM in your pocket, Katie. Well, since Katie thinks it’s okay to to edit videos to suit a message, no matter how deceptive, here is a video Reason.com conjured up. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Katie Couric Placed ‘Under The Gun’ for MALICIOUS FRAUD in Her New Gun-Control Documentary


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