White Nationalists and Black Lives Matter Clash in Violent Protest, State of Emergency Declared

Virginia’s governor, Terry McAuliffe, has declared a state of emergency after a rally of supporters and counter-protesters became violent — throwing punches, pepper spraying each other, screaming and chanting — on Saturday morning.

The initial rally was ‘Unite the Right,’ and was being held to protest the removal of a confederate monument. A group of white supremacists decided they wanted to publicly oppose the removal of the historical monument.

‘Unite the Right’ protesters showed up wearing militia uniforms, carrying shields and open carrying rifles.

Apparently the assembly was unlawful, so the Virginia State Police tweeted that officers had made arrests.

Fox News is reporting, ‘City officials said the declaration allows them to request additional resources to respond to the clashes expected between hundreds of white supremacists and those opposing them.’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted: “The views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant. Let it only serve to unite Americans against this kind of vile bigotry.”

On Friday night fights between the opposing parties initiated, ‘after a judge cleared the way for the protest to continue as planned.’ Fox News is reporting. Because the fights have not subsided, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has placed the National Guard on standby, in case they needed to be deployed, and encouraged locals to stay away from the scene.

The man behind the ‘pro-white’ rally is Jason Kessler. He is being described as a right-wing blogger. The event was organized to protest ‘Charlottesville’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park.’ Thousands of people are expected to attend.


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