WHO NEEDS A DEBATE: Bing Predicts a Trump Win for Iowa

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.28.28 AMYou know you’re ‘winning’ and election when you don’t show up to a debate and you’re still predicted to come ahead in the polls.

Donald Trump is boycotting the Fox News Republican debate this Thursday, but according to a new prediction from Bing, it likely won’t hurt his chances in the first upcoming February caucuses and primaries.

According to Bing’s forecast, Trump will be the winner in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, while Hillary Clinton will walk away with victorious from all of the first four races, except for New Hampshire. Bing predicts that race will go to Bernie Sanders.

Bing’s prediction, of course, is similar to what we’re seeing in other polls across the country, but it offers, perhaps, a more complete look at the race, because it synthesizes data from prediction markets, polls, and its own search data to generate a result. It used this model to accurately predict 34 out of 35 Senate races, 419 of 435 House races, and 33 of 36 gubernatorial races back in 2014. Bing Predicts has also correctly predicted the winners of everything from American Idol to last year’s Super Bowl.

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