WHO WON? Polls From CNN Debate Are In

carlyCarly Fiorina came out on top for every poll here, but in a poll held by Drudge Report, Trump is the clear winner. Who do you think won?

Carly Fiorina handily won Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, according to a poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys for Independent Journal.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO garnered 30.3% support in the poll, followed by Donald Trump at 22.6% and Ben Carson at 11.6%.

Charts via Google Consumer Surveys for Independent Journal

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Among men, Trump held his own with Fiorina:

But Fiorina dominated among women:

Chart via Google Consumer Surveys for Independent Journal

Among the highlights from the evening was her powerful answer on Planned Parenthoood, a willingness to butt into conversations with sharp answers and an ability to speak personally with the audience.

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