WHO WROTE THIS? Budget Plan Fully Funds Sanctuary Cities, Obamacare and Gives $0 to Building…

Congress has reached an agreement on funding, effectively avoiding a government shutdown.

The $1 trillion budget deal will keep the government running through September. Both parties benefit from the deal.

The remainder of 2017 budget eliminates cutes to medical research and infrastructure grants.

The deal also includes $2 billion for National Institutes of Health funding and year-round Pell grants, as opposed to grants only awarded twice per year.

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The measure also includes $68 million to reimburse local law enforcement for protection of the president in New York City and Florida, which members from New York and Florida requested.

ABC News

There was also $15 billion going to the military.

Trump did receive $1.5 billion for border security measures. Sadly, this does not include a wall or hiring ICE agents.

Where GOP leaders failed; defunding Planned Parenthood and taking grants away from sanctuary cities.

Both areas Trump has wanted to defund.

A midweek vote is expected.


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