WHOA! Would You Dive Through a FROZEN Lake to Save Your Dog Like This Man Did? [WATCH]

How far would you go for your pet? Would you risk your life for them?

Some would say yes. Others no.

The truth is, we wouldn’t know until the moment came.

Like it did for this man. And he didn’t hesitate with the answer.

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Duncan Mclver was with his dog Cosmo in the park, when the French bulldog went through the ice. Mclver didn’t hesitate, he raced to Cosmo’s rescue.


The whole incident was caught on camera by local news crews.

Coincidently, they were there reporting on ice safety when the scene unfolded.

“As soon as the ice broke, I just went right in,” Mclver told the crew.

“I think most people would do the same for their dog.”


In the video, you can see Mclver sprinting to pull his dog out of the water, only to fall in himself.

He was able to pull himself and Cosmo from the water and make it to safety but they were both soaking wet.

Angela Jung, a reporter, called police to the park.


Both Mclver and Cosmo were okay.

“It’s a split-second thing,” Mclver continued when speaking about his lack of hesitation.

“You’re not just going to let him die, right?”

This man loves his furry friend. The same can be said for most of us.

But would you have done what he did?

We would all like to think yes!


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